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About us
Redwood Redwood is a place where the atmosphere can be tasted and the heart and emotions come in sync to create a perfect mood.
Redwood-Lounge is a premium lounge is Moscow City where meticulous design, exquisite taste and high-end service coexist in harmony. It’s a place where one is honest with each other and especially with himself, is a place where you’ll undoubtedly find a range of selected food and beverages.
Redwood becomes the center of attraction for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and style.

Retreat into the lounge atmosphere

600 flavors
A full range of the most popular tobacco brands.
Pre-order by phone
Want to get everything at once? Make a pre-order of any menu item by a phone call.
Games and entertainment
A great selection of board games that cater to anyone. Sony PlayStation 4 PRO and games for every taste.
Special offers
Various promotional programs for our guests.
Cashback 10%
Use our app to get a 10% cashback, as well as other cool features and gifts.
Watch all the largest sport events on a panoramic screen.


Presnenskaya embankment, 10s2
Tower IQ quarter

Metro Station — Mezhdunarodnaya

Copied 8 (495) 136-61-90
Mon-Thu.: 12:00-00:00
Fri.: 12:00-04:00
Sat.: 15:00-02:00
Sun.: 15:00-00:00

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